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The goal of this business-case is to build fundament of your international business with proven and strong partners inside each country. Sales potential and target definition are more realistic in accordance to actual trends and needs of the market. Business growth is warrantied.



  • 01. Introduction of the Russian market

  • 02. Overview of potential segments for your products

  • 03. Potential market for your products according to actual Russian economy

  • 04. Competitors in the Russian market

  • 05. Potential partners/distributors for your Products in Russia

  • 06. Project list with actual inquiries for your products

  • 07. Contact list for actual projects

  • 08. Sales and technical support for chosen partners/distributors

  • 09. Education/trainings for partners/distributors


  • 01. Focus on market inclusion with your most perspective products in the Russian market

  • 02. Clear view of the Russian market for your products

  • 03. Clear view of the potential of your products in the Russian market

  • 04. SWOT analysis of your competitors in the Russian market

  • 05. SWOT analysis of your potential partners/distributors in Russia

  • 06. Fundament to develop the Russian market

  • 07. Project monitoring

  • 08. Customers data base

  • 09. Fundament to develop long term Sales strategy